U-Build-It Web Design Training & New Media Consulting

Gear your organization for greater profitability.

"U-Build-It" web design training is a good choice for companies who need complete control over their web environment as far as content management. If a business is willing to make the necessary investment in web design software, graphic optimization, animation programs and the required application training, then it is a very cost effective solution in the long run.

Cost savings in routine site updates quickly return on the initial investment in software and training services. The importance of timely material that relates directly to your businesses markets is a competitive advantage.

New Media Consulting consists of market research, digital content creation and timely delivery of action focused medium, all of which is geared towards generating value for all stakeholders (shareholders, consumers, employees, suppliers, the community).
  • Web design training = ID# 75/hr.
  • New Media Consulting = ID# 75/hr.

Both consulting and training includes learning the tricks of the trade; suppliers, vendors, VARs and valuable time saving tips and advice on software and productivity enhancing techniques. In other words, short cuts, trade secrets and proven knowledge learned from real world experience not typically taught in technical institutes.