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  Our Online STORE is now OPEN and featuring many of the best brands in Low-Carb and Gluten-Free foods.


  Rocky Mountain Specialty Diet Foods is committed to selling food you will enjoy. Or in the words of our founder; "Our celiac group has carefully selected our gluten-free products. They tell me what's good, and I buy it"

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  Free samples and products you can trust— we are extremely careful about gluten-free products, trusting only products certified by celiacs and celiac organizations.

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  Our success depends on your approval, consequently we are steadfast in building strong customer relations.

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  Fax your orders today, visit our store or attend a monthly meeting and remember; "You never need to be alone when you are a celiac, because we have each other".

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A little bit about Rocky Mountain Specialty Diet Foods


We are located in beautiful North Idaho and are surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers, streams and trees. Step off the edge of a mountain road and one could believe no one has ever before stood in your footprint. Many places here just allow you to merely sit quietly and be at peace.

On this web site, I'd like to be a bit silly, perhaps even thought provoking! You can go crazy on these diet things. You should have some joy in life. Life's too short, eat dessert first sometimes. We are each as individual as snowflakes. There is no diet or food that works for everybody. What works best is what works best for you.

On a serious note, Public Law No. 100-202 8/4/04 requires the top eight allergens (milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, wheat and soy) to be listed on food labels by January 2006. The FDA must define the term "gluten-free" by January 2008 - a victory for over seven million Americans with food allergies, including celiacs.

Think for a minute. Food manufacturers, and that includes the "family farmer" (although most of the time a very large corporation) do not really care about us or our children. The food manufacturers produce the food allergy that the drug companies sell us a pill to cure.

I'm not stupid about profit (I'd like some myself), but profit should never harm people. Think about the sugars in soda pop, in kid's cereals, in school pop machines. That is heinous - "not good for women and children and other living things".

Who is it in our school systems that put these damnable snack machines in our schools? Is it the school superintendent? The PTA? The school board? Someone is making a heinous profit from the bodies of our school children!

Incidentally, the tobacco companies have diversified into the food industries. Remember those boxes of candy cigarettes? Even up until a little more than 10 years ago we would see those. Once I even saw a candy cigarette that created "smoke" when it was blown into. How close to the real thing can you get? Makes you wonder if they lead kids to start smoking.

Our store is far from being an ultimate source of celiac information, but our celiac group ( ) can really help you. Celiacs, as a group, are very web/internet savvy, but we all know computers are not for some folks. If you're one of these people, then use the telephone. The people in these groups (mostly women) are so willing, even anxious, to help other celiacs. This has renewed my faith in people's innate goodness and generosity.

We have a free lending library, courtesy of Jeanne and others. If you have any extra books that you would like to donate we would appreciate it. Please remember that you must always read all labels. We keep a current copy of the CSA Gluten-Free Product Listing on our counter, along with a sign-up list for our gluten-free living group.

The medical professionals are learning slowly. I do see a lot of nurses who are knowledgeable and helpful to their patients and others about celiac diagnosis and information.